Well, the title should be obvious; it lends a certain super hero likeness to the protagonist, “Woodshop” being like my superpower..Less in the caped avenger sense, more in the way of helping people as a purpose.  (Let’s chalk that up to delightfully tacky and get serious…)  My mission as Woodshop Girl is to empower women everywhere to pick up tools and not just try them for the first time, but to absolutely dominate them.. To use them to their full potential in an efficient (and, of course, safe) manner… To tackle the “honey-do” list themselves, to take on all those “blue”  jobs with confidence and to re-create any and everything they love on Pinterest and all the gutsiest DIY blogs and beyond.

There is something to be said about the independence one gains from being self sufficient with tools, and something of a whole other magical realm that occurs when you use those capabilities to unleash your creativity. My aim for this blog is to:

1)  Educate.

I want to teach women (and men, welcome one welcome all! We’re absolutely not gender exclusive) not only how to use all the tools of the trade, but how to use them WELL; to understand how they work and all the ways you can use them, including Ninja tips and tricks. Because once you master the tools, you can use them to literally build, fix, or make ANYTHING your bitch.

2)  Share.

I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and a lot of the furniture I design and build is actually made from scrap wood which was otherwise destined for the landfill. My creations usually start first with the material and transpire from there. We are living in an era of mass upcycling, and I want to contribute to the movement with new ideas on how to use materials that people probably don’t even realize could be salvaged, and likely for FREE.

3)  Inspire.

I truly hope that something I post here will turn on your light bulb or spark that fire or get the creative juices flowing (insert other clichés here)… Sometimes all it takes is one thing presented in  a certain way to make things go “click”, and if I can help to make that happen then mission accomplished.

So that’s it for now, a declaration of things to come. I feel like this is the introduction to what’s shaping up to make an interesting story, and I’m glad you took the time to read it. Stay tuned for Chapter 1.

Signing out,

Woodshop Girl


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